At Griffin Martial Arts we focus on the training in practical self defense using MMA and fighting/escape techniques that work in real world situations. Our Chief instructor has defined the program through decades of training in mixed martial arts building our GDT program applying the best techniques of each art to real world situations. We believe that self defense is a critical life skill achievable by all genders and sizes.


Mixed Martial Arts

Griffin Martial Arts is a mixed martial arts (MMA) style of fighting using multiple fighting techniques.  The difference is that unlike MMA and the other forms of martial arts, Griffin does not teach a "sport" style of fighting and defending. Instead we are focused on real world scenarios on how to defend yourself against aggressors that mean you harm. With MMA and other martial arts there are rules that are followed, in real life unfortunately there are no rules. Our training focuses on effective escapes, blocks, strikes and submissions without the restrictions of rules that are applied in a ring.


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Junior Griffin

Bullying has become a large problem for our children at our schools, playgrounds and extra curricular activities. Everyone has the right to feel mentally and physically safe at all times. At Griffin we focus on preventing bullying by discussing bully situations, inspiring stories and the overall building of self confidence. Our goal is to empower the child to de-escalate a problem however, If a bullying situation escalates and becomes physical our students will know how to defend themselves.


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Burner Class

The people you see on the cover of fitness magazines have been overrun with MMA fighters.  This is no coincidence, MMA training is an intense program designed to increase your strength, endurance and overall fitness.  Our classes will help you lose the weight, tighten up your body and have you feeling great in no time.


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